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  • Cosmopolitan Prime Location
  • Proven World-class Quality
  • Luxury Condotel Residence
  • Minimum Investment
  • Maximum Growth
  • Steady 18% Yield with 3-year Rental
  • Baroque-style Luxury Details
  • French Royal Style Pays Tribute
  • Exquisite European Furniture
  • Customized for Maximum Return

Your best position in Cambodia

Cambodia relocated her capital to Phnom Penh in 1867 and expanded with the Royal Palace as the center. To the northwest lies the commercial district where Central Market and Canadia Bank headquater are situated. The southwestern quarter developed into a high-end residential district known as Boeung Keng Kang 1(BKK1), the most prestigious area in the cityh and home to the Prime Minister's residence, state official residences, foreign embassies and luxury residences.

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Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Royal style pays tribute to Phnom Penh's glory
Rare neoclassical architecture in Phnom Penh recalls the glorious French era. An European dome converted into Khmer Empire's naga crown enthrones the jewel of Cambodia's wealthy circle. The rigorous symmetry of palace architecture and spectacular carved colonnades create refined magnificence.

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Rare permanent parkland in sought-after urban center

The real estate market in Phnom Penh bolstered by a construction boom is ready to take off. This is a critical time to make the right decision. IMPERIAL CROWN, positioned as a "legacy asset for Phnom Penh's rich and wealthy", occupies one of the most valuable lots in BKK1: the first row to the verdant campus of Chea Sim BKK High School. This unobstructed panorama view will only become more rare as Phnom Penh grows increasingly urbanized and will attest to the foresight of your investment choice today.

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